The Japanese word REIKI literally translates to ‘spiritual (rei) energy (ki)’ and can be used for many different types of healing. In the West, it is often thought of or felt as, universal energy life force energy. And this energy is within everything. The plants, animals, rocks, the air, water, and earth.
During a Reiki session we will tap into this beautiful life energy to promote healing and an overall sense of well-being. A Reiki session can help people alleviate feelings of anxiousness, depression, feelings of being stuck, emotionally or spiritually ‘zapped’, ungrounded, and much much more.


Each session is: 1 hour (45mins of Reiki + 15 mins for sharing)

Rate: sliding scale: $45-60 —-> (please pay what feels good and right to you!)

to book a session please contact Kayla at:

I look forward to connecting with you!